AngelHack Hackcelerator 2018 Social Impact prize: Google Ventures

Foundation Energy is in AngelHack's Global Demo Day

We have been selected to pitch at AngelHack’s HACKcelerator Global Demo Day 2018

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A brief report to the CERC-BEE mentioning the Foundation Energy project

2018 International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change

Lumen Cache team participated in the 2018 International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change - IYSECC10.0

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LumenCache is in Hong Kong STARS Programme

LumenCache has been accepted into the STARS The Cohort of Smart Energy & Eco Home 2018 Programme, organized by the Hong Kong Startup Council of Federation of Hong Kong Industries.

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Foundation Project is in AngelHack's Global HACKcelerator Program

Foundation project has been selected to participate in AngelHack's Global HACKcelerator Program as one of the top Code for A Cause winner teams globally.

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Foundation Project

Foundation team is developing a special power distribution and management solution for villages around the world. An intensive technology that can bring resilient energy access and management platform with great potential for various applications' development.

It all started from one innovative Power Distribution Module (PDM) created by one man's vivid vision, rich expertise and strong dedication.

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What do we want to change?

Villages around the world tend to be less developed and in most cases suffer from harsh natural conditions.

We want to make villages more convenient and safe place to live by utilizing the latest technologies in affordable costs, thus avoiding any "technical debt" products and services.


Also people in villages usually have limited access to good education and local opportunities for development.

Our product can create a platform for better education and accessible development of special applications locally, thus nurturing many talents within the villages.

Our Vision

With the convenient lifestyle and educational opportunities provided by Foundation Energy project, rural residents around the world - especially those from remote or undeveloped areas - will have the ability to learn and develop freely and globally from their smart villages locally. They no longer need to move to cities in hopes of a better life and stay there as immigrant workers due to low education.

Also, for people in cities, it can get more convenient to go and live in a village for temporary rest from city stress, as well as to enjoy the natural life of the village.

Potential Skills:


Our Target Buyers & Users

Our target buyers are the government departments and various organizations which are looking for new innovative ways for implementation of such solutions to the villages in their region.

Our users include village communities with potential for economic development. Such potential might include Eco-tourism, agricultural production, livestock production and others.

Why we want to do it

We have a technology the whole world needs to adapt, including newest smart cities and new buildings. We believe any other communities in outer areas and remote lands deserve to benefit from this technology as well. Besides, with other special applications their lives can be improved furthermore and more wealth generated thanks to the locally educated talents.

How we do it



Innovative Power Distribution Module developed by LumenCache.



An Intelligent Energy Management and Smart House Control APP based on the LumenCache PDM.



By connecting devices, houses, and villages, one whole smart micro-grid gets formed.

Key Features

1. Household Energy Management

Maximize limited resources of solar panels and battery

2. Village Micro-Grid

Efficient energy sharing and management of villages

3. Educational Platform

An infrastructure to try new knowledge, like hacking the lighting system of the house.

4. Product Development Platform

Further collaboration and platform support that opens up many opportunities.

Potential Impact

Economic efficiency

Current LED lights all have AC/DC adapters embedded to the LED lighting. Those adapters usually make up 50-60% cost of the LED lights, and get broken faster than LED lighting part. Once broken, users have no choice other than throwing it away. Thus, it creates electronic waste (e-waste), which is big in massive scale.
LED lights for our system does not require those bulky adapters, so eventually the cost of the LED lights can drop significantly while its usage life is increased dramatically. Such kind of similar change might happen with other devices as well.

Environmental benefits

Many people still depend on burning coal, wood and using petrol powered generators for electricity sources. With our solution, an entire villages and regions can become fully self sufficient in terms of energy generation. Thus eventually leading to less CO2 emission to our ecology. Later on, smart water management systems can be implemented based on Foundation system, thus leading to an efficient management of important resources.

Sustainable urbanization

According to UN, currently 55% of world population live in urban areas, with highest rates of urbanization in developing countries, sustainable ways for the urbanization is very important. Therefore, improving villages' life and human development factor might be very beneficial to sustainable urbanization.

Contact Us

For any inquiries regarding cooperation, implementation, contribution and others, contact us directly.