How our system works


Innovative Power Distribution Module developed by LumenCache. It gets connected to most of the devices through Ethernet cable, then provides DC power for all the devices, while establishing a data connection as well.


Grid Network

It starts from the network between all the devices within the house, then all the houses and other buildings in the village get connected, forming the village micro-grid. Eventually, several villages within the same region can get connected, thus forming one regional grid system. Thus enabling smart energy management opportunities to all the stakeholders within the region.



An Intelligent Energy Management and Smart House Control APP based on the LumenCache Power Distribution Module. The software enables overall control and monitoring in both offline and online channels.


Key features

1. Household Energy Management

Maximizes generation and consumption of energy resources from sustainable power sources and batteries.

Key Functions
  • Autonomous lighting system;
  • Automatic lighting with sensors;
  • Dim light level control;
  • Energy usage data and monitoring;
  • Energy usage control.

2. Village Micro-Grid

Efficient energy sharing and management system within and between villages.

Key Functions
  • Distributed energy management between the households;
  • Safety & Public Alarm System, fire alarm safety, farm predator detection;
  • Intelligent control and billing system.

3. Educational Platform

An infrastructure to try new knowledge, like hacking the lighting system of the house.


4. Product Development Platform

Further collaboration and platform support that opens up many opportunities.


Custom-made solutions for local problems of various kinds. Like motion sensing light alarms for farm security.

Micro-engineering, prototyping and production services opening up new technical markets that have never existed before.

Marketplace where locally developed solutions can be shared.

In conclusion, the general goal is to create basic satisfaction and convenience in daily life with higher safety & security infrastructure. Eventually, boosting economic development in various forms of local production leading to sustainable wealth creation.

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