Foundation Project by LumenCache

Foundation team is developing a special power distribution and management solution for villages around the world. An intensive technology that can bring resilient energy access and management platform with great potential for various applications' development.
It all started from innovative Power Distribution Module (PDM) called LumenCache, created by one man's vivid vision, rich expertise and strong dedication.

Founder and inventor of LumenCache, Mr. Derek Cowburn
Founder and inventor of LumenCache, Mr. Derek Cowburn
Derek Cowburn - Visionary & Innovator

Developing Lumen Cache Inc. since 2011 with 25 years of experience in Building Energy Management and Smart Home Tech:
- Founded and directed DistinctAV for 8 years
- Program Manager at Rockwell Automation for 3 years
- Managed Energy Options Inc. for 3.5 years
- Facility Automation Systems manager for 9 years

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Upon its creation, the founder was driven by the system's economic efficiency and its social impact.
Foundation project has been started as LumenCache's spin-off to focus on bringing the latest energy access and smart management technology to the villages located in remote areas and underdeveloped regions around the world. By providing the latest technology as a solution for them, we can avoid any "technical debt" products and standards.

Meet the Team


Derek Cowburn

Technology Advisor for Foundation Program & Inventor of LumenCache


Sean Shohruh

Business Developer & Software Engineer


Zhang Tai

Application Full-stack Developer


Markey Tan

Business Administration Advisor

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